Handpainted, Handbeaded, Handmade Stuff

My grandaddy was a rock hound and jewelry maker. When I was little he took me to emerald mines in North Carolina and into the Mojave desert to find geodes. I thought the geodes looked like small balls of asphalt. We’d excitedly smash them open with a hammer looking for red opals with the "Fire" as he called it. He would then polish the stones and make them into jewelry. He passed a love of adventure and treasure hunting on to me.

I scour estate sales to find vintage beads, stones, silver and anything interesting to make into something beautiful. I turn antique silver spoons into polished, painted wave pendants. I love to paint, sew and make all sorts of "stuff". 

I am helped daily by my assistant...my rescue pup, Roux Penelope. She came from a shelter outside Philadelphia, PA. Roux is awesome and wonderful and a big help as you can see in photos on my instagram feed (@JillryByTheSea). 

I am absolutely in love with the ocean and water. I love the colors and swirls of waves and the patterns as the water moves and rolls to the shore. I have tried to capture this in my jewelry. Yes, I am stuck on blues as you will quickly see... it's so exciting and beautiful. I hope you enjoy looking around JillryByTheSea.com and find something you love!  

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